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 r e v i e w s

a l i   &   r y a n

Megan is an absolute dream. The end. Just kidding, but honestly, she is a beautiful person who truly cares about the couple she is filming. The thoughtful efforts she put into me and my wedding video is insane and I cry every single time I watch it. She made me feel like my husband and I were the subject of the latest Nicholas Sparks movie trailer. She even sent us a Christmas card! Some of my family members don't even do that! If you want a tear jerkin', heartstrings tuggin', jaw droppin' wedding video, hire Megan! There's a 0% chance you'll be disappointed.

c i n d y   &   j i m

I saw Megan’s work through Facebook shortly after my husband proposed. I was blown away with her work and although I was about 2 years out from our wedding I knew without a doubt I wanted her to capture our big day. I mean I was tearing up at a wedding video of a couple I didn’t even know! Our wedding was just a few weeks ago and we already received our highlight video which beautifully captured some of the most special moments of our ceremony. Like everyone says, the day flies by in blink of an eye and it is so so so nice to have those moments captured by Megan who put it together in the most beautiful way so we can relive the best day of our lives! If you are trying to decide if a videographer is something you want for your big day, just review Megan’s work, I guarantee you will be blown away just as I was. Now just imagine it is your wedding video and it is 100 times more amazing. Not only that, but Megan is so sweet and an absolute pleasure to work with. She makes sure she capture all the moments in a non-invasive way. I honestly forgot she was there which makes the shots even more natural and genuine. If you are a couple looking for a videographer, book Megan, you will not regret it! Thank you so much Megan for giving us one of the best gifts we could have possibly asked for from our wedding day, We can’t wait to see the rest of our footage!!

s t e v i e   &   m a t t

I would recommend Megan to ANYONE! She was our videographer for our wedding on August 12th in State College, PA. She was great to work with and captured our big day perfectly. She gave us wedding footage that would put mega movies to shame! The shots that she captured were unlike anything I've ever seen and with the equipment that she had on hand it was very clear that she knew exactly what she was doing. She got stunning aerial shots of our venue with her drone that made our wedding video extra special! Her editing skills speak for themselves as well (go check out any one of her videos to see for your self!) Everyone has raved and is still raving about our wedding video. We couldn't be happier to have something so special to watch and look back at in the years to come. You put so much time and effort into your big day, and it is obviously one of the biggest moments of your life, you certainly want to make sure that you have something just as special to memorialize it, and Megan did just that! I reached out to a lot of different videographers, but no one offered the same quality films that Megan did, and we couldn't be anymore satisfied with the end result!

e m i l y   &   d e v o n


Megan is absolutely phenomenal! We were on the fence about a videographer for our wedding and at last minute we decided that perhaps we’d look for one — I came across Megan via Google search and boy am I glad we did! Megan is so very talented and we could not be more happy with her work, professionalism, and overall experience. We would recommend Megan in a heart beat to any Bride & Groom who wants a stellar video to remember their special day! Thank you Megan! ❤️❤️❤️

s a b r i n a   &   j a c o b

Megan is WONDERFUL! She was the videographer for my wedding this September. I spent months searching for the right one, and her work truly sells itself...it’s beautiful! Megan not only captures all the right moments on video and edits them to absolute perfection, but she’s also great to work with. She makes you feel so comfortable and beautiful, and she’s super fun and sweet. She tells you to do certain things that may sound silly at first, but when you watch the video HOLY SMOKES! Everyone at my wedding, especially those who spent all day with her, cannot stop raving about how she felt like family! And everyone is in awe at the quality and beauty of her work. Everyone is saying that the video looks like something for a Hollywood movie. She captured the emotions of the day flawlessly. Megan is extremely responsive when you contact her and loves to collaborate creatively with the other vendors at the wedding, so this makes her even easier to work with. We also received our videos in a very reasonable amount of time. Her pricing is very comparable with the going rates these days, and I’m telling you she is worth SO MUCH MORE. Truly. I cannot stress enough that everyone out there NEEDS to work with Megan! I promise you will have no regrets when you choose her as your wedding videographer. 15/10 highly recommend Megan Rae Films!

c o l t o n   &   b r e t t

Glorious... what else is there to say about Megan?! Every little second of our sneak peek was perfect! We don't even have our full video yet, and here I am telling you how wonderful Megan is and how perfect the video she created for us was. My husband and I are extremely glad we booked Megan and if you are even second guessing booking a videographer, don't go any further! Megan is attentive, personable, and creative beyond belief! I actually grew up with Megan, and am so glad I did, because without knowing her I most likely wouldn't have booked a videographer! You won't be disappointed! Book Away!

l i n d s a y   &   r o b b i e


I cannot say enough good things about Megan. My fiancé and I were not originally planning on having a videographer at our wedding, but after shopping around we found Megan and we are so glad we went with her. She was so great about being able to work within our budget and create us a package that was perfect to our needs. She created a video that was seriously one of the most beautiful wedding videos I have ever seen. She was so easy to work with and even my other vendors were impressed by her professionalism. I was so impressed by the quality of the video, and we've gotten nothing but complements on it. I'm so glad we will be able to look back at this moment and relive it over and over. Thank you Megan for capturing on special day!

a l a n n a   &   n a t e

Megan is absolutely amazing! Her videography work is incredible and on top of that, she's so friendly and down to earth! The first time I met her was on the wedding day, but because of how kind she is I felt like I was meeting up with an old friend. Her communication with us from the moment we reached out to her all the way to the wedding was perfect! My now husband and I had no doubt that we picked the best videographer there is (which was proven correct by just the teaser video we got shortly after our wedding) :) Not only is she incredibly talented and kind, but she's a natural professional! She was going to have an assistant on the day of our wedding but her assistant ended up not being able to come. Even though Megan didn't have an assistant she still exceeded our expectations with everything she was able to do! If you book with Megan you will have booked with the best videographer there is, no doubt about it! Also, if you're looking for a great photographer, book Megan with Hannah Hicks Photography. For our wedding, it was the first time they met/worked together, but they worked so perfectly together that all my bridesmaids asked if they were a team! They are perfect and we cannot thank them enough for everything they did for us :) Thank you so much again for everything Megan!!! <3

p a o l a   &   d u s t i n

This woman is so amazingly talented!! I got married 8/25/18 and already got my highlight reel!! OMG I well up every time I watch it, she caught so many priceless moments that I’m so glad I get to relive! And the way she embedded the most amazing parts of our family and friends toasts into the video, I am speechless! You will NEVER regret booking this talented woman, snag her for your wedding ASAP!

l e x i e   &   d y l a n

Megan is simply amazing. Going into wedding planning I was positive I wanted a videographer and the second I found Megan's website, I knew she was the one no doubts about it. Her work is flawless and so creative. She is very attentive to detail and got us our 4 minute preview video back in less than a week! I watch it at least three times a day still. Every moment she captured was just so pure and totally encompassed the feelings in that very moment. I would give her more stars if I could :)